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Good Afternoon from Mumbai

Good afternoon.

So now I’m in Mumbai again after a train trip that was about 5 hours late and didn’t even stop at the main Mumbai station, but way out in the suburbs. So I had to take a ricksha to another local station and from there grab a local train to CMT – Chhatrapati Mumbai Station.

The local train came in real fast and did hardly make a full stop. So, when I was about to get on with my bags, I had my suitcase halfway into the train and I was still outside the train. A guy took the suitcase and dragged that in. I jumped with my backpack and grabbed the middle railing in the door opening (no door) and while the train took off I had to drag myself onto the train. People came running to help me, but at that time I had already dragged myself in. 🙄

Now, as a result I have a wonky swollen finger which was my only support while dragging myself onto the train. Left middle finger so I’m constantly giving people the finger since it doesn’t bend that well. 😁👍


Anyway, as a result of the delay I got to the hotel at 11:30 am instead of 6:30 am. (Bit of a delay)

Checked in, took a shower, changed clothes and went to see if the optician can help me with my wonky glasses.  He couldn’t.. they are broken. 🧐


So I went for lunch. There as I was eating… when I got approached by a film crew, they asked if I would mind being filmed?
I agreed…no problem. So I got filmed eating puri/thali and also interviewed by a local tv channel. They asked me about thali and why I came to that particular puri place. 🙂

Anyway, now I’m at a coffee shop having a macchiato and a chocolate cake. Because why not.

Not much of adventure left for the day, so I hope this finds you all well. !

See you out there.

Cafe coffee Day in Mumbai