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Arriving to Hampi

A crazy day so far and it’s only 9am.

I started my journey last night in Goa and came with a sleeper bus to Hampi, well nearest city to Hampi, is Hospet.
So I took a rikcha together with an Israeli guy, he hadn’t booked anything so he said: I’ll come with you.
The driver said he knows a place where Israelis go, “there’s many”.
45 minutes later we arrived to small restaurant with 10-15 tents surrounding the place. NO tourists, I got a bit mad and He, the Israeli guy, felt completely fooled. F$#^k
So we had to go back to Hampi, another 30-35 minutes or so in the opposite direction.
Got here. I payed for the fair and found a room. He was pissed so continued his journey finding his countrymen. Really nice guy so I hope he will find them.
See you out there … more to come
Hampi Breakfast
View from Breakfast