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Batteries on my mind…


First of all…let me apologize for the lack of posts on my blog. I find it a bit cumbersome to  post thoughts and ideas really quickly on this site, and therefore that has not been my priority.
However, I do see the point in doing more of that as my photography moves forward in the year to come.
So this could be read as a New Year’s resolution. 🙂  – Let’s see how that goes.

Back to the post and my thought for the day,  on Batteries.

I always tend to carry too many batteries with me, and the task of keeping them all juiced-up during the days traveling has not been easy. There is never enough time or outlets.
So, as I saw this product on a Swedish photographers youtube channel I went and ordered it. His name is Peter Lindgren and Here is the video about what He has in his camera bag and what He developed together with Jupio.


Charger in package with some candy below.

A few more of my thought about the product and how this will potentially solve the problem of batteries when traveling.
As I said, the holder will hold 3 batteries (in my case Canon) and will charge them all at the same time thru USB.C. The holder has battery indicators for each battery as the charge and yuo can also see the status of each battery when in the bag.
This has the advantage of keeping 3 batteries charged at all times in my bag and the indicator tells me which battery is charged. So I will keep only 4 batteries with me. 3 in the charger and 1 in the camera. And the charger looks good.
Let’s hope this will change how I always worry about my batteries not being charged.

The charger has also slots on the top for 3 different memory cards. This is not a huge selling point for myself, but you might think otherwise and in that case…you have that as well.

– See the pictures…

Tri-Charger with usb-c cable, the box and my package opener.
Tri-Charger unit with 3 Canon LP-E6n batteries
The Charger with batteries inside and you can see the indicators.

What are your thought about this=? Good Product and is this something you will consider getting?

That’s all for now. All is well and the New Year is fast approaching. 🙂

// Petri