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Boxing in Chennai – Tamil Nadu Boxing

So today was a funny day. I always end up in strange situations. I will come to the one today.
This morning I went on a long walk and tried to photograph, do some street.
When it got too hot I was going towards the hotel, but popped in to a sandwich place and met a couple of nice photographers from Chennai. So we talked for a long time… but eventually I went back to my hotel and had a nap.
Later I went out for a walk again and ended up at a boxing tournament for boys up to 18. When I was about to leave the manager of the whole thing dragged me in and had me officiate one bout and then have a seat at the officials table to hand out the prices.
– Tamil Nadu Boxing Association – South India Invitation
Hahaha. –
Well I will see you out there. 😉
Me in Chennai – Boxing Tournament
Me in Chennai – Boxing