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Breakfast in Chennai


It’s now 8am and I’m eating breakfast,Indian style.

So what’s going on today?
Well I woke up at 5am. Got finally up at 05:30 as the mosque started their call for prayer.
Worked out got packed and checked out from this lovely Broad Lands hostel after 4 nights.
For those of you who are not in the know, I’m allergic to onions. I’ve had some problems finding onion free food here so I haven’t eaten as much as I should. Working out every day and not eating enough. Not good !!
It sounds worse than it is.
Today: juice, water, chai, coffee, dosa so far.
Todays schedule. At 1pm I’m off to Varanasi. It first a trainride for 36 hours. 🙄
The weather is a it different in Varanasi. 11-12 degrees C during the night/mornings. Up to 24-25 during the day. Here it’s around 33 C today

We’ll see you out there.

Dosa – For breakfast
Chennai Coffee