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Greetings from Orcha

Good day.

I’m still in Orcha but I’m leaving for another place this evening, on a sleeper bus. The trip is going to take about 10 hours due south west.
Last night I had a big scare. Woke up and the stomach just had enough of all this strange food. But it’s much now, so the journey continues.
Now time for the market for some fruit and later lunch and some nore photography.

That’s all for now.

Me in Orcha Fort

Good Morning from Orcha

Good morning.
I woke up 6am but had to stay in bed a little longer… it’s cold. 😉
It’s now 9am and I’m having breakfast, have to do some laundry, so they picked that up.
It’s soon time to explore Orcha, yes that’s where I ended up last night.

It’s chilly, overcast and a hint of rain. It could make for some great shots… as long as it doesn’t rain.
See you out there.

Breakfast in Orcha

Good Afternoon from Varanasi

Good afternoon, yes it’s already late.
I started writing this morning but after a few bites of my breakfast I suddenly cramped up and immediately new what it was. – Food poisoning (or onions). Lots of fun that one.
I have medicine with me but that took a few hours to kick in. 3-4 hours actually.

So it was about noon before I ventured out on the streets again. Better now.

My hotel has really bad online connection, so I had to get to the train station to book tickets for tomorrow. I wanted tickets for the 4pm train, but no such luck, got tickets on the 05:10 am train. So I’m off at 3:30 am.
I was expecting to have another half day here but plans do change.
At the moment I’m sitting at the cafe with the macchiato yesterday. Contemplating my next city to visit.
I’m soon off to the hotel, do the packing and settle the bill so I don’t have to worry about that in the middle of the night.
That’s it for now.
See you out there. 😁

Varanasi Cafe

Good Morning from Varanasi


So I have finally arrived and woken up after 4,5 hours of sleep.
Had a cold shower, that’s what they have, and sat down for breakfast. Let’s see what they have. The first few things I ordered “not possible”. So I have chai (tea) and pancake on eggs that haven’t seen a chicken for their life.
Plastic in consistency. 🙄
So I arrived at the hotel around 3am, after wandering the alleys for a while. Finally found it and the gate is locked. Took those 40 steps down to the front and another 12 steps up to the front gate Locked !
I saw a woman in a window of the hotel, so I asked her… is it locked, she asked.
Yes. Ok hold on, I’ll tell them.
She came down and said. He’s coming to the back. So I had to haul my stuff down 12 steps and back up those 40 steps of the Ghat.
Finally after banging more, he opened.
When in thru the door he said; sir no rooms available.
I just said ok, but I have a reservation.
– yes, but no rooms.
If I have reserved there should be a room.
– many people reserve rooms sir
What ? Hahaha.
Ok. Is there a place somewhere I could I lay down for a few hours and keep my bags?
– yes. You can take this room 🙂.
Don’t take this as if I’m complaining or anything like that. I’m just telling you how it is. It always sorts itself out.
Heard in India: India is a byrocracy nightmare, and should always stay that way. Because when you finally get thru all that red tape you feel like you have accomplished something great.
Enough of that.
Now. I’m in marvelous Varanasi/banares. So let’s explore… but not before i get a permanent room. 🙂
Temp when arriving 12 C and now about 18 C and sunny.

Ganges – Varanasi View
Puri Breakfast – Varanasi

Mumbai on my mind Part 2/2

Part 2 of my Mumbai video is here.

Please see it, like it and subscribe. 🙄

And please tell me if there’s anything you didn’t like.

Breakfast in Chennai


It’s now 8am and I’m eating breakfast,Indian style.

So what’s going on today?
Well I woke up at 5am. Got finally up at 05:30 as the mosque started their call for prayer.
Worked out got packed and checked out from this lovely Broad Lands hostel after 4 nights.
For those of you who are not in the know, I’m allergic to onions. I’ve had some problems finding onion free food here so I haven’t eaten as much as I should. Working out every day and not eating enough. Not good !!
It sounds worse than it is.
Today: juice, water, chai, coffee, dosa so far.
Todays schedule. At 1pm I’m off to Varanasi. It first a trainride for 36 hours. 🙄
The weather is a it different in Varanasi. 11-12 degrees C during the night/mornings. Up to 24-25 during the day. Here it’s around 33 C today

We’ll see you out there.

Dosa – For breakfast
Chennai Coffee

Mumbai on my mind Part 1/2


The first video is up now. Not in 4K which took for ever to upload, if even possible.
So now the idiot walking around in distance places is for all to see.
More to come.

Do subscribe … ! and like of course…for whatever reason that might be hahaha

Boxing in Chennai – Tamil Nadu Boxing

So today was a funny day. I always end up in strange situations. I will come to the one today.
This morning I went on a long walk and tried to photograph, do some street.
When it got too hot I was going towards the hotel, but popped in to a sandwich place and met a couple of nice photographers from Chennai. So we talked for a long time… but eventually I went back to my hotel and had a nap.
Later I went out for a walk again and ended up at a boxing tournament for boys up to 18. When I was about to leave the manager of the whole thing dragged me in and had me officiate one bout and then have a seat at the officials table to hand out the prices.
– Tamil Nadu Boxing Association – South India Invitation
Hahaha. –
Well I will see you out there. 😉
Me in Chennai – Boxing Tournament
Me in Chennai – Boxing

Arrived to Chennai

Morning everyone. I have arrived at my final destination, checked in, had a shower and now I’m downstairs for some hot water(for my coffee)

The night I actually spent at a really strange and shitty hotel, to put it mildly. The entrance was a garage … you get the drift. I just slept my 6 hours and got here.
So, let’s see what the day will bring.

Did I really have a cat with me???

Cat in the bag – Chennai

Working oin the train

Sitting here in the trains and doing some work with the next video for YouTube, but the train is jumping around a bit too much. But I have managed to do most of the clips, and a photo for my Framing the street site here on Facebook. 🙂

Work Space on train
Tea Time on train