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Good Evening…

Good Evening from the road…

Now in a. Car starting a journey a 1000 km south.
Need some more adventure… will tell you more.

Hopefully I got the right antibiotics this time.

The last night session at the doctor’s… Adverse reaction to all the fluids he pumped into me. Did not need that much.
As I was having the fluids, I could feel and see the fluids just not going in.
I told the doctor that I do drink and even thou I’m a little de-hydrated it’s not from Not getting any fluids, it’s from Not keeping the solids in. 🙂

“How do one talk to a GP without sounding condescending?

– Just asking for a friend …”

– Update: Got the new Antibiotic and after the second pill I could feel the change… so I could start eating again. Slowly… chanti, chanti
And the day after it felt even better. The only thing that happened after was that I got blisters and cold sores in- and around my mouth. Not really visible ones, but sore and not easy to eat or drink anything with spices or heat.
– All good now.

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Me in the Car
First food after Antibiotics