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Good Morning from Goa

Good Morning,

I made a short Facebook Live-video in Swedish about a road trip I was on for 1000 km (621 miles), which turned out to be more like 1340 km (832 miles).
After the video i was informed that the Taxi we had wasn’t allowed to go the full journey. So we had to go back 3 hours to Ujjain and switch cars and get another driver (the drivers brother).
The trip was in my head going to be full of short stops for photography, but we had now already lost 6 hours. Then we have the matter of Bad roads, Road Toll and roadwork that put us well behind. And an average speed of 70km/hours (42 miles/hour) on the highways and maybe 35km/h – (20 miles/h) on the smaller roads.
This is all part of the journey, but I soon realized…there is Not going to be any stops for me.
So in the end the trip took us about 28 hours and I reached Goa, my destination at 9pm. Just enough time to check in and grab a Lassi and an omelette before they closed.

So, lets talk about this dreaded “Delhi-Belly” aka Tourist Diarrhea.
Before I arrived in Orcha I was fine and never really worried about that. I ate street food and western food as well as daily Indian local food.
But it seems that some, or many of the restaurants in Orcha has difficulties with the concept of cleanliness, since more than a few tourists had issues.
When I finally got to the next destination Ujjain, I hadn’t eaten in 36 hours and saw no improvement, so I went to see the good doctor. He “treated” me for 2 days, with not only No improvement but got me feeling even worse.
Last day he said I’m dehydrated, so drip-drop for over an hour and over 1Liter of fluids. I told him I drink and can drink fluids, its the solid food…. He said something about acid…dehydration and stoping the going to the toilet.
After having this all, my body just reacted and retracted the fluids. Got out of me soo fast… 🙂
I had to take matters into my own hands. Went and got the medicin I need and after the 2 pill, i felt the change and could start slowly eating again.
I’m always walking… and not eating has made me loose so much on my lower body and the bulk from upper as well.

Yesterday was my first day in 5 days that I could eat proper food.

I now have 1 more night here in Palolem Beach before I need to get to Mumbai.

See you when I see you. 🙂 but now I need some food, work out first.

Here is a link to the last map of my Journey. !