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Good Morning from Varanasi


So I have finally arrived and woken up after 4,5 hours of sleep.
Had a cold shower, that’s what they have, and sat down for breakfast. Let’s see what they have. The first few things I ordered “not possible”. So I have chai (tea) and pancake on eggs that haven’t seen a chicken for their life.
Plastic in consistency. 🙄
So I arrived at the hotel around 3am, after wandering the alleys for a while. Finally found it and the gate is locked. Took those 40 steps down to the front and another 12 steps up to the front gate Locked !
I saw a woman in a window of the hotel, so I asked her… is it locked, she asked.
Yes. Ok hold on, I’ll tell them.
She came down and said. He’s coming to the back. So I had to haul my stuff down 12 steps and back up those 40 steps of the Ghat.
Finally after banging more, he opened.
When in thru the door he said; sir no rooms available.
I just said ok, but I have a reservation.
– yes, but no rooms.
If I have reserved there should be a room.
– many people reserve rooms sir
What ? Hahaha.
Ok. Is there a place somewhere I could I lay down for a few hours and keep my bags?
– yes. You can take this room 🙂.
Don’t take this as if I’m complaining or anything like that. I’m just telling you how it is. It always sorts itself out.
Heard in India: India is a byrocracy nightmare, and should always stay that way. Because when you finally get thru all that red tape you feel like you have accomplished something great.
Enough of that.
Now. I’m in marvelous Varanasi/banares. So let’s explore… but not before i get a permanent room. 🙂
Temp when arriving 12 C and now about 18 C and sunny.

Ganges – Varanasi View
Puri Breakfast – Varanasi