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Greetings from the train

Good morning, how are things?

Greetings from the train towards Varanasi.
I’ve been up for a couple hours now, while the rest of the train started waking up about 30 minutes ago during a stop.
I’m traveling in what’s called 3 Tier AC sleeper. That basically means 2 bunk beds on either side, with AC.
On the bunk bed next to me is a lady who is traveling to. Varanasi together with a bunch of friends, they are all in their mid 60.
Last night they kept feeding me several times with food they brought. 😁
The boy only brought chips,(crisps), nuts, fruit and protein shakes.
Well train waking up now and cleaners are cleaning away and the cop who sleeps above me has got his piece in his waistline and doing his rounds.
All is well on the eastern front.
See you out there. ..
Darkness before the train awakens