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Mumbai Dhobi Ghat – Laundry outdoors


Mumbai Dhobi Ghat has been called, and is still in some places, the world’s largest outdoor laundry.
I don’t know if it still is, but it is a large area.

I got there, to the laundry place, rather late mostly due to my fondness of a good hotel breakfast. 😉

So I arrived around 9:30 am and they had just finished the daily laundry and everybody was washing themselves instead. Much to my dismay, since I really don’t want to bother people in their “bathroom”. Once the surprised settled and I started talking to people they invited me in and some actually wanted pictures as they were bathing/washing themselves.
I spent about an hour at the laundry before I headed towards Mumbai again.
I decided to walk back “blind”, that’s to say I didn’t want to look at the map… just walk and experience the streets/neighborhoods and try to find some photos. Those photos are on my Street Photography site framingthestreet HERE

Here’s a couple of photos from Dhobi Ghat Laundry in Mumba during this short visit. Take my advice, and go early.

Mumbai Dhobi Ghat View
Mumbai Dhobi Ghat


Mumbai Dhobi Ghat Washing…
Mumbai Dhobi Ghat – Still finishing up the last pieces of laundry
Mumbai Dhobi Ghat – Your whites are here
Mumbai Dhobi Ghat – rinsing himself…
Mumbai Dhobi Ghat – he was busy…
Mumbai Dhobi Ghat
Mumbai Dhobi Ghat
Mumbai Dhobi Ghat – A small room/house
Mumbai Dhobi Ghat – Once they are all dry…

And finally the cute kittens…

Mumbai Dhobi Ghat – The Kittens…