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Petri Olderhvit
Petri Olderhvit – Fotograf bosatt och verksam i Göteborg.

Street Photographer –   I look for geometry, shadows and light, and frame the human form somewhere in the frame. I try to find beauty in everyday situations. I look for shadows and light, lines and form.

As A Travel Photographer I do pretty much the same thing as a Street Photographer. I try to get a sense of a place, to catch a timeless and iconic photo that will survive past the moment it was taken.

Landscape Photography – As I travel and spend time outdoors…the landscapes are right there. I have never considered myself as I landscape photographer, but I do enjoy the process and hoping to get better at it.

Street and Travel Photography are closely related when you find yourself in urban areas/cities.

Burning Man Photographer – So, they say I’m a sophomore now, i was on my second Burn in 2019…Burning Man in Black Rock City, USA. (2016 and 2019)

Portrait Photography – I have mostly done corporate head shots for clients, but I’m not really a Portrait Photographer, even if I do a few now and then.

I started a Swedish Youtube channel some time ago, with the name Fotosnack. However other things took priority and therefore I haven’t done any more episodes for a while. It might be something I’ll look into again. But for now, there’s no more episodes coming.

Show and Tell – After some enquires about my work from Burning Man, I have done a few talks about BM and my photography.


Petri Olderhvit is a very exciting street and travel photographer with a very specific artistic language


For more information.
Mobile: +46 0704 – 42 18 05


I mostly do Corporate Head-Shots for companies in the Gothenburg Area. However I do travel to other cities and even countries for assignments.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or enquiries.
mobile: +46- (0)704 – 42 18 05

Photos for sale

All my photos are for sale – Prices vary with size and paper material used.

Feel free to contact me for more information and prices
mobile: +46- (0)704 – 42 18 05

Show and Tell

Since my trip to Burning Man in Black Rock City in 2016, the interest for Burning Man is still high in Sweden, so I do offer a show and tell about my Burning Man trips.

Feel free to contact me for more information
mobile: +46- (0)704 – 42 18 05