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The story of the Hampi Crocodile

The story of the Hampi Crocodile.
For a long time it has been said that there are crocodiles in the river in Hampi, but no one could ever pin point the location of them, even if claiming to have seen one.
One day I was walking back to the village, towards the Hanuman temple. At a distance I saw 2 police officers running towards me and shouting “Come quick, emergency” ! – So, I started running towards them thinking I did something wrong.
As I came closer they spoke softer and pointed behind me towards the river and said, “crocodile”.
Can I come, I asked.
Yes Yes come quick…so, they wanted me with my camera to document the crocodile.
So I ran with the Police officers to the river. Reaching the river we all slowed down and began our approach as slowly as possible.
I was yet to see the crocodile, cause I was behind them and no one told me where to look.
Finally I spotted the creature, laying on a rock in the river taking in the sun.
One of the officers told me to come but I wanted to take a couple of shots, now that I had the crocodile in my scope.
I managed to take 2 shots before it spotted us and slipped back down into the river.
The first officer had maybe 20 seconds more, so he actually got a pretty good shot with his phone.
After the encounter, I had all the people around the river and the temple approaching me to see the crocodile.
Many said it was their first time seeing a crocodile (now on my camera display) and even the younger officer said it was his first spotting, as it was mine.
So, when people ask me now if there are any crocodiles in the river, I can with certainty tell them yes, and even pin point the location.
Here is my shot
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Hampi Crocodile